Marc Alden Llanes
Hello, I am Teacher Marc and I am currently employed here in Jr. CNS as an ESL Teacher. I usually handle Group Discussion and Pronunciation classes but my specialty leans toward pronunciation. I think it is very beneficial for the student to learn in a conducive atmosphere in where he/she is encouraged to convey their thoughts through verbal communication. We as teachers must mold and facilitate learning to the students in a friendly atmosphere to instill in them that infinite thirst for knowledge.
Racquel P. Batac
A pleasant day! I'm Teacher Racquel of Jr. CNS. I've been working as an ESL teacher for more than 3 years. To be an effective language teacher, one must gear the lessons to the ability, level and interest of the student. Like what  I do in my classes, I deliver the lessons enthusiastically and let my students get equal attention. They are given enough participation to experience speaking the English language. In every subject that I teach (IELTS, TOEFL, Speaking, Pronunciation, Reading, Writing, and Group Discussion), I make sure that every student gets a load of learning by the end of the session.
Paul Andrew M. Sacramento
Hello everyone! I'm Teacher Paul an ESL Teacher here in Jr. CNS. For the record, I'm 23 years old. I graduated as an English High School teacher but  I also enjoy teaching younger students. Others think I look serious but I'm actually very playful. I have reading books and magazines but I enjoy playing computer games more. To become a teacher has always been my goal since I was in high school and now, I'm very proud to be one. There is nothing more exciting than teaching young students and learning with them. Whenever I get tired and stressed, I just think of teaching as a vegetable: It's not always delicious but it's guaranteed to be good for us.
Gema L. Estacio
Hello! I'm Teacher Gema and I'm currently employed here in Jr. CNS International Language School, Inc. I've been teaching in this institution for about two years now. I like teaching Group Discussion subject. This subject requires students' cooperation. Collaborative learning which is the instructional approach in which students work together in small groups to accomplish a common learning goal is carefully done in this subject. An active learning improves students' understanding and retention of information and can be very effective in developing higher order cognitive skills such as problem solving and critical thinking. Thus, students' idea about a topic is very much important. An incessant drills and motivation are highly needed to keep the class alive.
Allan Lee Glen Demot
Good Day! I'm Teacher Allan, and I'm one of the teachers and coordinators here in Jr. CNS. I graduated with a degree in Secondary Education with English as my major field. I'm also a licensed teacher, having passed the Licensure Examination for Teachers. I have started my Master's Degree in English as a Second Language, and plan to finish it in the near future. I hold a Level 4 certificate in TESOL awarded by the Australian International Language Academy and Southern Cross International Learning Institute through Benguet State University.
Rhesa Jo A. Aluyen
A pleasant day to all, I'm Teacher Jo and I was born and raised here in Baguio City. I've been teaching here in Junior CNS since Winter Camp 2010. I specialize in Reading and Grammar subjects. Here in Jr. CNS we don't only practice and teach students on a one-on-one or on a book to book basis but also, we let our students relate themselves in any kinds of situations. We engage them in activities which will help them to reason out and express their ideas using the target language.  We guide them not only with their lessons but also with their activities and performances. We help them strive for best and persevere.
Mikko Y. Cristobal
Good Day everyone! I'm Teacher Mikko. I'm an ESL teacher here in Jr. CNS and I specialize in Reading. In the typical Reading class, we tackle interesting stories and topics. In this subject, we aim to develop not only reading skills of our students but also their ability to listen and comprehend the passages. We promote an interactive learning environment where the students are free to share their opinions and ideas about the passages discussed.
Kristine F. Garcia
Hello, I'm Teacher Tin. I've been teaching here in Junior CNS for more than three years now. I specialize in Speaking. In speaking classes, students use modern tools in practicing, such as multimedia and video facilities for the designed programs like News Reporting, DJ and VJ programs, and the individual speaking presentation. As a teacher, I have a hand to help the students improve their speaking skill. Apart from these, students boost themselves to gain more self-confidence through teacher's motivation. I believe that these tasks serve a great way to fill in the missing gap in students' knowledge and skills. I have a great smile whenever I see my students perform excellently.
Dyan Boc
Hello everyone. I'm Teacher Yan. I'm currently employed as an ESL teacher here in Jr. CNS International Language School. I've been teaching in this institution for almost three years. I teach Speaking, Grammar, Writing, Group Discussion, and other TOEFL classes. My specialty in teaching Korean Students is Speaking. In this subject, the students are encouraged to speak in front of many people and also, they can easily express themselves with the use of the English language. For them to gain their confidence in public speaking, the teachers should teach and help the students with the 4P's - planning, preparing, practicing, and presenting when reading or memorizing their scripts. Also, teachers should motivate their students not to get nervous and be confident when speaking in front of the audience. We make sure that every student has an equal treatment to avoid misunderstanding.
Josella Camille Oracion
Hello! I'm Teacher Mim and I'm an ESL teacher here in Junior CNS. I would also like to believe that I specialize in Reading, because out of all the subjects, Reading is the one I have taught the most. I concentrate on helping the students improve their pronunciation as well as their reading and listening skill. I also help them broaden their vocabulary.
Nerissa C. Quinto
Hi! I'm Teacher Neri, I started working as an ESL teacher last year, and I can say that it's a rewarding experience. Here in Jr. CNS, we were trained to teach different subjects such as Grammar, Reading, Writing, Speaking, Pronunciation, and Group Discussion. We were also taught on how to make different videos and slide-shows. With all the subjects, my forte is reading. In this, reading is not the only skill to improve and develop to the students but also their listening and speaking skills. These skills are developed through different techniques and strategies. With all these techniques and strategies, we can say that different skills of the student will be improved.
Geraldine Tapay
Hello everyone! I'm Teacher Ge and I've been an ESL teacher for a year now. Teaching other nationalities is a very big challenge to us teachers, especially when dealing with students with different personalities.   But it would be a very big achievement for us every time we see our students improving not only in their academics but also to their behaviors. I can say that being a teacher here in Jr. CNS has improved my self in dealing with different types of personalities, and because of it I can say that I'm ready to face anyone.
Sarah Kristel Inhumang
Good Day everyone! I'm Teacher Sarah, an ESL Teacher here in Junior CNS. Being part of the Jr. CNS family is a very big challenge for us teachers. In Jr. CNS we make sure that every student must be given fair treatment and enough knowledge every time they attend their classes.  We also assure that every lesson that we teach must be inculcated  to their minds and they must be able to apply it in their daily activities. In that case students will be able to boost their self-confidence and self-esteem.
Kathy Ann Ingson
Hello and good day to all! I'm Teacher Kathy and I'm currently working here in Jr. CNS. I can say that teaching is like a building block that helps boost our communication skills. As we study and teach English, there is always an improvement that we get. Every time we share our knowledge to our students we develop their self-confidence and their personality as an individual. I believe that teaching is a give and take relationship, both the teachers and the students receives benefit to one another.
Madelyn Amistad
Irvin John Victor
Good Day! I'm Teacher Irvin a teacher here in Jr. CNS. Working with young learners is a challenge for me to consider. Every detail that I impart to my students is a big achievement. Knowing that these students are eager to learn from me is the best experience I can share to my friends and relatives. In return with the respect they are giving me, I make sure that every session I have with them is full of thoughts and ideas.
Rany Takahashi
Hello! I'm Teacher Rany and I'm an ESL Teacher here in Junior CNS. I would like to believe that my specialization is TOEFL subjects and Grammar for the reason that I'm more comfortable teaching them in comparison to the other subjects. I focus on helping the students utilize the English words they know in constructing sentences that are grammatically correct. I lay down the basic rules in grammar which the students must understand for them to improve their English Skills.
Nadine Jade Bautista
Hi! I'm Teacher Jade. I stated teaching here in Jr. CNS last Summer Camp. I believe I have the passion of teaching and I'm patient with the kids. I enjoy teaching all subjects, but my favorite is Reading. In reading class, students learn stories related to Science, History, Sports and a lot more. Moreover, they are able to relate their experiences and knowledge in it. Through this class, students are able to practice their reading comprehension skills, enhance their vocabularies and their ability to summarize stories using their own words. Reading is fun! The stories are all interesting!
May Ann Medina
Hello everyone! I'm Teacher May! I have been teaching in Junior CNS since Winter Camp 2010. My forte is Reading. In reading class, students are trained to listen to English passages and after that, they are asked to relay the story. Students are encouraged to share their ideas or opinions regarding the topic. A good learning environment is always maintained to promote a higher quality education. This is done through a more open interaction between the teacher and the student. Aside from the listening skill, reading class also aims to improve and polish the comprehension skills of he students. through this, they are being prepared to communicate well both in written and oral with the use of the English language.
Maria Cristina G. Basilio
Hi! I'm Teacher Mc, an ESL Teacher here in Jr. CNS. I enjoy teaching the English language. I especially love to teach the subjects Speaking and Reading. In my speaking class I'm able to showcase my creativity. While in Reading I'm able to use effective techniques in making every passages in the book understood by my students. Being a mentor requires a lot of responsibilities, and I'm really glad I'm part of Jr. CNS.